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Can a married man really fall in love of another woman?

what has the other woman and his wife not?

I thought it was that the other woman is prettier, younger but now i'm not quite sure these are strong reasons for him cheating on his wife. Maybe you know better.

What I wanna know is whether he could really fall in love with his mistress and leave his home. And which would be the reasons for him doing that?

Please, make me grasp the situation.

Can a married man really fall in love of another woman?
better sex or more sexCan a married man really fall in love of another woman?
Excitement, adventure. It's not always physical. Men wonder when they feel like they are missing something at home. It may be physical,sexually,emotionally, mentally and so on. Some men are just dogs, and want their cake and eat it too. I know a lot of woman that can be very persuasive and try to take other people's men away, not caring if they have a family,and a home and life outside of them. Sometimes it's a financial reason, they find a lonely man who isn't getting any at home and is financially able to give them what they want.I have also met many married men who's wife's are not pleasing them orally. (sorry for being crude) Many,many reasons. Best of luck.
Of course its possible. Just like when you dated a boyfriend you loved before you met your husband, who you loved more. Alot of the cases are men just looking for lust, but many if honest do or have fallen in love.

Its not about looks. Many of my friends partners have left their younger, stunning partners for exactly the opposite. Its a connection.

Many men, do leave their wives for their mistress because they have fallen in love or found it %26amp; many if free from losing it all would make the jump instantly if meant they would not loose all financially. If they were not married and the wife was just a partner like the mistress, so there was nothing to loose, so many would choose the mistress. Thats the honest truth. But alas, some are just horrible and just after lust and hurt all parties for that selfish reason.
I think that people who have affairs arent falling in love with, I think they are running away from commitments, boredom, etc. Most of them want to whine to someone about their marriage partner and just want someone to listen to them.

Can they fall in love with their mistress and leave his home? If she listens to him and encourages him, he can.

The reasons for men leaving the home are varied but it basically comes down to them wanting to avoid or escape from something.
Can a married man really fall in love of another woman?

....I'd guess that he has to somehow fall OUT of love with his wife first or just be psycho.

what has the other woman and his wife not?

......whatever he thinks/believes......

I thought it was that the other woman is prettier, younger but now i'm not quite sure these are strong reasons for him cheating on his wife. Maybe you know better.

..........his 'reasons' could be many and either reasonable or not - depending on his sanity.

What I wanna know is whether he could really fall in love with his mistress and leave his home.

.....yes, if the mistress offers more than his home does.

And which would be the reasons for him doing that?

....whatever reason he takes, uses, finds, has, makes up, imagines, etc. in his sane or insane mind.

Please, make me grasp the situation.

.....LOL, I bet you already do!
Many reasons will make a man leave his wife and going with another woman.

Don't forget every one seek comfort.

some are for Sex.

Some because love for sign. but that it will grow old after a while. Some girl are good as it. Think they are pretty so they can do that to draw men and free material.

Some think life is too short and fragile so they like to take the wild side and enjoy life.

Some are wondering what other women are like. I do wondering myself but my conscious don't allow me. I don't want my girl at home get hurt, And Special don't want to give her any reason for not to trust me.

The main point i don't think i will be very happy to see my girl in bed with another man so i don't want to give her that same feeling.

look this way, WHy married women like ot sleep around?

WHy some married women end up falling in love with husband best friends, brothers, some of them after 20 or 30 years of married than she end up say, i don't love you any more i am i love with such and such. all the same sweetie, Men or Women.........
well its possible,, old men do think young women are hot isnt it,

otherwomen may have good shape,,[everything included in it]..

may be tht lady [wife] may have no intrest left in sex and tht is what husband is looking for ,so he has no option but to turn over to younger generation.

but if u r mistress ,then please dnt spoil there life by running away with husband and keeping wife alone....

She may have more in common with him, similar upbringings, life experiences, hobbies.

She may make him feel young, handsome, energetic and alive.

She may be more fun, attractive, wanton, or giving.

She may contribute to his emotional and physical well being.

She may share common hopes and dreams.

She makes him happy.

She is his friend.

She may have met him long after he was married. all the above apply, and would have married him if they had met long ago.
There are few reasons why a man would leave his wife and family, the biggest being sex. He enjoys the sex, doesn't care about the mistress just what he gets from her. Give it a while and he'll dump the mistress for his wife or a completely different women altogether!
most men that are married and still living withe his wife? well most men that do that are on an EGO TRIP and have low self esteam hes not happy within him self and the grass is always greener and if he was with the other woman whats to say he wont get bord off her after a couple off months or a couple off years?
it will just be a revolving door... when he gets tired or bored, he'll seek excitement with someone else. some people just don't have the willpower to be monogamous. and to fall for his game is just foolish. it's cool when you're the center of his attention, but that will expire and he'll be on to someone else.
I have to disagree with MF, love IS what you feel, and all the things that result from it are loyalty, devotion, honesty, trust and desire.

Yes lust has nothing to do with love but lusting after someone you do love makes for a very powerful and beautiful relationship.
Oh yes - in reality anyone can fall out of love with anyone.

The other person probably gives him a good time. But how many cheaters eventually go back to their wives? The grass isn't always greener. They have to try it out.

Beware MRS TIGGIWINKLE she has the answers but absolutely no knowledge of the truth.
The heart is wicked above all things; who can know it?

It has happened before; spouses leaving their marital home for a whore. Are you the wife or the whore? Hmmm.

Either way it's a very difficult situation. I'm sorry for the wife.
Yes and no, its possible. If he loved the mistress that much, he would leave his wife for her, if he doesn't, its pretty obvious the mistress is being used.
Could be many reasons. Married too young. Married because she was pregnant. Bored with his marriage. Midlife crisis. Huge ego. Immature idiot. Who knows! There are almost as many reasons as there are cheaters.
If the relationship can survive the question ';If you're willing to do this to her, how can I ever trust you not to do this to me?';

Men with no self control does these things. If he is seeing another woman or thinks he is falling in love with her, then he is not in love with his wife anymore. That is the truth.

always everything is possible but everything have reasons for themselves. Possible but with reasons
maybe he falls in lust with another woman and not love

answer this please鈥?/a>
yes they can fall in love with the other girl and leave there wife my ex did. But than he got her pregnant and left her now he is married to one of my old friends.
ALL men CAN have their head turned just make sure that they get all their needs met at home and they dont usually play away HOWEVER there will always be exception to the rule and some men are just plain greedy
Um and are you the mistress or the wife?
yes they can lust can turn into love
';Falling in love'; is a lie.

Love is something you do, not something you feel.

Love is actively and deliberately putting another persons well-being and happiness ahead of your own.

The desire to have sex with someone has no link to love. The courtship rituals are not love. They are Lust and Romance respectively.

Love as some mystical and amazing magic is a trap set by the modern worlds music, chocolate and card sellers (Looking at you Hallmark!). The power of true love, devotion, dedication... this is worth knowing.

Don't get me wrong, Lust and Romance are not evil. They are powerful, fun and a large part of life. But they are not Love.

Avoiding the confusion of these three separate items will help make life a lot more pleasant. For each there is a time. Romance for dating, Lust for sex and Love for the long haul.
It's very difficult for a man to cheat on his wife when everything they have is peaches, their love, their children, their sex life all is at a high peak so why cheat right?

Well, lets say a man goes out of town on a business trip with the company reps and when he gets there after the meeting at the Hilton there are lovely and pretty ladies that are available if you want a warm sack for the night and the married man begins to think to himself I'm happily married so I have no intention, but his collegues insist he have another drink and have fun.

The lady that has chosen him is like a candidate for Miss's hard for him to say no when he knows she is ready for anything no strings attached.

Even when a man is happily married he subjected when drinking and will play around.

It takes a strong minded man to say no, I'm married and wait till he gets back home from the meeting and then tell his wife how it was.

She comes running outside of the house when he pulls up and gives him a big hug and the kids say hi Daddy and it makes it all worth it to do right and see your beautiful wife waiting on you, but on the other hand, this man comes home to the same situation and instead he played around on his wife and now must play the side of hubby and cheater and for the most of the first can be a struggle that sooner or later he breaks down and tells his wife what he did, then she breaks down.

Cheating is hell if your caught or not.

I cheated on my wife my entire 24 years of marriage. My last one night stand happened just two months ago.

You want to talk to a man that knows about cheating then talk to me because I've done it all my life against my wife and my wife knows for a fact about half of them occured. Why we are still together? I have no idea, perhaps she cheated herself and would feel guilty leaving me since she is guilty too.

When I cheated and fell in love with girl....godd dracious almighty, you want to talk about it? You want to talk about hurt and pain? I was caught up in it so bad that when I was m aking up with my wife Sheila was still calling me on the cellphone to please come back to her and leave my wife and for the first time I wanted to commit was that bad.

I had fallen in love and I love my wife too and so my wife won me over and Sheila lost me and so did Rachel and Samantha, and Betty, and Susan and Leslie and Michelle and Wanda and the list goes on.

Hell, I have the slightest reason why my wife and I are still together other than we both must be crazy in love or just plain nuts together or just maybe, perhaps maybe my wife at one time in our marriage screwed another man and it only has to be once and now she can't find herself to leave me because she is guilty too no matter how many times I have done it. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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